Commandments healthy detoxification

New Year’s resolutions often are forgotten very quickly after they are taken, but one of them that is found on almost every list is the detoxification of the body. Indeed needed after the holiday period in which the palate enjoyed the taste and the body suffered, detoxification of the body is an excellent decision. To help the body, get rid of the excess weight you’ve earned a new wave of energy we invite you to make sure you consult our new associate, nutritionist Alma Buniæ

Cellulite Treatment Joey Atlas – Detoxification is reducing the amount of food intake and discharge of oily and heavy food. It includes the fortification of unsweetened fluids. Introduction to weight loss and a good transition from heavy winter eating a light spring. Detox program includes plenty of vegetables, fruits, grains, some meat and legumes, and results in increased energy, better mood and more pure and shining complexion.

How >> diet women try in life?

The beginning of the year and the month of January are ideal for detoxification of the body that will cluttered delicacies and sweets during the holidays, cleanse, energize and help in removing excess holiday pounds.

To detoxify ‘done’ properly will help our new associate, BS. Alma Buniæ which will regularly portal nutritional advice and recommendations to enrich your menu and answer your questions.

Leave it to detoxify after the holidays
– How to best clean the body of toxins that accumulate in the body for months is recommended for 10 days just to enter the fluid, natural fruit juices from apples and grapes in the morning, and in the second part of the day to take the vegetables cooked with grits conserves spelled or dinkela and all together consumed as a juice. If you opt for this form of detoxification is best to consult with a specialist.


Good reasons why you should still eat yogurt

For breakfast, snack or dessert, enriched with dry, fresh fruit and cereal, or sweetened with syrup or honey, yogurt is a food worthy of admiration. In addition to being light and healthy dairy foods hides the incredible benefits. Find out who!

Despite the sugar, yogurt does not cause tooth decay and helps your teeth stay white

Yogurt for a slim line

Joey Atlas Scam – Yogurt contains very few calories. By entering yogurt into the body (as a snack) intake of calcium signaling less secretion of cortisol, which facilitates weight loss while the amino acids help burn body fat. Start your day with yogurt that will perfectly blend with fresh or dried fruit and cereals.

Yogurt for breakfast, dessert or snack

Yogurt for white teeth

Despite the sugar, yogurt does not cause tooth decay – the most common cause of tooth decay. Also, lactic acid protects gums and teeth and has a positive effect on the mucous membrane, and calcium helps teeth stay white. One yogurt daily for white teeth.

Yogurt for health

Bacteria from yogurt, which are produced by fermenting protect the body from infections and harmful microorganisms. Today, many types of yogurt contain specific types of probiotics that help regulate digestion and boost the immune system. Probiotics have the effect of antibiotics, and are for that reason very important, since it prevents the growth and development of various bacteria.

Yogurt is full of vitamins and minerals

Yogurt and dairy products are an excellent source of protein, minerals and vitamins. In the food pyramid are at the same level as meat, fish and eggs. Just one serving of yogurt is an important source of calcium, magnesium and potassium, and phosphorus, riboflavin, iodine, zinc, and vitamins B5 and B12. Yogurt is also important for muscle contraction, blood clotting and for the operation of the normal operation of the nervous system as a whole.

Yogurt pressure control
Studies have shown that as many as 70 percent of people daily consume twice as much salt than the recommended daily dose. Over time this leads to high blood pressure, kidney disease and heart. Calcium and potassium from yogurt helps in expelling excess salt from the body and lowering blood pressure.See more

Joey Atlas Reviews – Aspiration Pneumonia

Aspiration pneumonia

Tiny particles from the mouth frequently migrate to the airways, but usually, they are eliminated by the normal defense mechanisms before reaching the lungs and cause inflammation or infection.

However, if they are not removed, these particles can cause pneumonia. Individuals debilitated those with drug or alcohol intoxication or who are unconscious due to anesthesia or a disease, have an increased risk of this type of pneumonia. Truth about Cellulite =>

Even a healthy individual, who aspires to a large amount of particles, as may occur during an episode of vomiting, can develop pneumonia.

The chemical occurs when the material is toxic aspirated into the lungs.

The problem is due more to the result of irritation of the infection. A toxic material is commonly aspirated gastric acid.

The immediate result is sudden difficulty breathing and increased heart rate.

Other symptoms include fever, sputum foam color pink and cyanosis (bluish discoloration of the skin), which is caused by poorly oxygenated blood.

A chest radiograph and measurement of oxygen and carbon dioxide in arterial blood can help the doctor make the diagnosis. However, the diagnosis is usually becomes evident by the sequence of events.

The treatment includes oxygen and, when necessary, mechanical ventilation. Check this link

The trachea can be vacuumed to remove particles and secretions of the airways aspirated. Sometimes, antibiotics are prescribed to prevent infection.

Important to note about skin tone

It’s also important to note that the skin tone tends to red or yellow, so that the base chosen follow the same coloring. Escape and post bases or very light beige.

“If you want a very light makeup yourself, you can use a yellow powder and transparent, but not beige!” Warns makeup artist.

Skin Type

Cellulite Reduction Program – If your skin is dry, use a little powder is better because it dries out. “To apply makeup on dry skin you can spend a moisturizer or foundation and then a minimum of dust, “explained Fernando.

Women with oily skin should avoid creamy products such as base stick. Fernando recommends using soap before passing the base. Use only powder can be an alternative.

“There are brands that manufacture base without oil; it is worth researching to find one.”

Tip: Apply base or dust from the center of the face towards the ends. If you want, you can spend a little of these products in the neck or cervix.


If your eyebrow is flawed, it is safest to use black pencil to correct. “Avoid wearing gray, brown or brown because they give definition. For the black line is not too strong, you can smudge the product at the root of the hair or use a black shadow instead of pencil,” said Fernando. Check Benefits Here =>


Colors friends

Who does not like to risk can use the traditional golden-bronze-copper coloring the eyelids, but the alternatives are not there.

Basic requirement for happiness

According JOE: “physical preparation is a basic requirement for happiness. Yes this statement is true and current today, only it was said 60 years ago.

This is one of the examples palatine. What fascinates anyone studying Pilates, there are exercises and devices that alone already make it unusual. But the concept mind-body, body-mind. Cellulite Reduction Program –

It’s mind shapes the body and the body well prepared gives condition the mind to transcend.

Which in turn would generate an even better body this principle of interdependence and generation takes us to the Taoist theory YIN AND YANG.

Through these concepts, Joseph Pilates created principles that have to be considered not only during the execution of the exercises, but also in day-to-day.



During the execution of the exercises should be concentrated to the center of strength (powerhouse) and at the same time, watching every move that makes up a given year, as well as all the limiting factors for implementation. Check Benefits Here


The control is critical to the effectiveness and safety of exercise training and especially the PILATES METHOD.
never move at any cost, but what is the cost of moving? If you cannot perform the exercise with full perfection, shred it (Instructor) so you do not lose control of movement and exercise can be performed with perfection, as the method requires.

After intensive training

With all this technical accuracy results show themselves quickly and after an average of 30 sessions, you can transform your body in a balanced setting all muscles equally.

In Brazil there are already many fans, one of them is actress Sonja Braga says: “I’ve done a lot of gymnastics in my life, but none changed my body so deeply and quickly.”

Cellulite Reduction Program – Besides gadgets (seem wooden beds with springs and straps Leather replacing the weights) Pilate’s classes can be made ​​out of it.

Classes are almost always individual and cost in Brazil around R $ 60.00 to R $ 80.00 per hour.

The method in Brazil

According to the journal EF Confer year III No. 11 – March 2004, the Pilates method was introduced in Brazil by the Physical Education Professional Inlaid Garcia, who is certified in the United States, with the Roman, a former student of Joseph Pilates.

Later and her daughter Sari the “Masters Teachers” of Pilates, gave the first training course in Brazil.


Called “The Cadillac”

Later, after intensive training and interviews, Prof.. Roman authorized Garcia to open a certification center that began operations in 1999, conducting courses that were only available in the United States. Check Benefits Here

This is certainly the word that best describes this grand concept of health and happiness.

Mind connected to the body

In 1970, Clara Pilates transferred all rights to the Roman company called Studio 939 Corp later gain these rights to Gloves, Inc. Roman getting only with responsibility for classes and training.

Cellulite Reduction Program – The method was also taught by Sean Gallagher in Philadelphia. Both became partners and Sean acquired the copyright on the brands and the method palates worldwide.

Constituting the company Pilates, Inc., headquartered in New York, which owns the rights to use the trademarks Pilates and The Pilates Studio


Called “Spine Corrector Barrel”

What is different about this method?

Joseph H. Pilates developed over 500 exercises to develop devices using 9 … the body evenly.

And rather than repeat many times each year he indicates in his method be preferable work out more efficiently and with fewer repetitions, requiring the practitioner proper control of your body. Check Benefits Here


Called “The Mat”

Because of the need to focus using your mind connected to the body during exercise routines are guaranteed the practitioner feel more aware of muscle function and still control them more appropriately.


Called “the oedipal”