The polyp is a cancer

The best  is  to be performed with bi video hysteron scoria O Pisa directed to a fragment of the  polyp  is removed and confirmed kindness or n ã of the les ã o. In some cases at the same time the video hysteron scoria may be possible to remove the polyp,

The polyp is a cancer or can become cancer? The polyp endows cervical or endometrial n ã the ã the evil in most cases.

Maligns narration of a polyp endometrial revolves around 1%, with a slow passing through several stages before reaching the cancer. Follow This Approach –

The polyp may be the cause of my menstruation abundant and / or irregular?

The polyp endometrial can increase menstrual flow and also bring changes of the period.

The polyp endow cervical can lead to irregular bleeding and bleeding after RELIEF EFFORTS ç physicists and relaxing sexual.

A also has the ability to make the differential diagnosis with sin cases of irregular bleeding. Can you get pregnant having a polyp? Yeah, why is this m proven that removal of polyp’s increases by almost 40% chance of pregnancy?

This is why the polyp  can act occluding the fallopian tubes of  ú n tero will  allow the meeting of  O; forming a means inflamed O River hostile to and deploys egg; occluding the internal uterine orifice, not allowing the passage of. Grow Taller 4 idiots

The polyp can disappear alone? Depends, the polyps  very small (<5mm) and n ã possess in their constitutes ion  fibrous elements –  polyp mucosal s – can be disposed of  menstruation . Why is that m  is  the minority.


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