The polyp is a cancer

The best  is  to be performed with bi video hysteron scoria O Pisa directed to a fragment of the  polyp  is removed and confirmed kindness or n ã of the les ã o. In some cases at the same time the video hysteron scoria may be possible to remove the polyp,

The polyp is a cancer or can become cancer? The polyp endows cervical or endometrial n ã the ã the evil in most cases.

Maligns narration of a polyp endometrial revolves around 1%, with a slow passing through several stages before reaching the cancer. Follow This Approach –

The polyp may be the cause of my menstruation abundant and / or irregular?

The polyp endometrial can increase menstrual flow and also bring changes of the period.

The polyp endow cervical can lead to irregular bleeding and bleeding after RELIEF EFFORTS ç physicists and relaxing sexual.

A also has the ability to make the differential diagnosis with sin cases of irregular bleeding. Can you get pregnant having a polyp? Yeah, why is this m proven that removal of polyp’s increases by almost 40% chance of pregnancy?

This is why the polyp  can act occluding the fallopian tubes of  ú n tero will  allow the meeting of  O; forming a means inflamed O River hostile to and deploys egg; occluding the internal uterine orifice, not allowing the passage of. Grow Taller 4 idiots

The polyp can disappear alone? Depends, the polyps  very small (<5mm) and n ã possess in their constitutes ion  fibrous elements –  polyp mucosal s – can be disposed of  menstruation . Why is that m  is  the minority.


Make up and your health

How to do a makeup for beginners

Today I will talk to everyone who was always interested in makeup but for some reason never gave you the opportunity to experience this art.

Follow This Approach – So if you are thinking of starting Doing read this article till the end! Makeup for beginners is where they can learn the basics and talk about that application base, eyeliner and blush.

There are three basic products that are part of the kit general and can be purchased at the online stores of makeup!

Makeup tip this has a lot to learn. It has of course to learn to put the base on his face and using a brush suitable for a brush and put itself to blush and one for the liner if in powder form.

If the liner is in pencil or liquid already know how the place is not us?

Then I leave today for a video of you who are interested in this great world that already captures the attention of many people at all levels and in various departments work, such as fashion, business, music and many others who certainly hear about everyday is it not?

Hope you enjoy the video and start practicing these techniques now I bring to you today that as of today is still more interested in makeup tips and learn more! Grow Taller 4 idiots

Have a nice day and stay connected to learn more!

Feigns failures eyebrows: It’s very simple disguise this imperfection!

You must have a specific pencil for the eyebrow area, so you can thus cover the flaws. A tip to treat eyebrow, is that you moisturize it, as it does with her hair!

Kinds of ways to blush

Tips for applying blush and color to use

Learn how to apply blush and color to use

Blush or Rouge is a makeup product whose function is to give depth to the color or the cheekbones.

Helpful answers here – There are several kinds of ways to blush. The most common are presented in powder form.

The cosmetic industry, however, since the product has versions cream, stick, mousse and the same liquid.

The liquid is usually found only in pink tones and has the function of blushing cheeks, giving a healthy look. Today there are several options on the market, but blushes liquid, cream or mineral particles are the best.

However, to fulfill its function “beautify” it is necessary to make proper use of brushes, eyeliners, foundations, and related corrective.

Makeup The course teaches you to recognize your skin type and take care of it, the function of each of the objects that help make a good, shows the various types of products and their textures and teaches tips and tricks for a perfect makeup.

Lipstick, mascara and pencil handy!

When you notice any of the symptoms described above, a woman should see a gynecologist specialist, in order to do proper research and, especially, early diagnosis, so it can be properly targeted and treated. Grow Taller 4 Idiots =>

For these cases, I recommend the Bach flower remedies, which counteract the aggressiveness, “said a holistic therapist Maria Aparecida das Naves.

The most recommended are Rescue Remedy, Holly and Cherry Plum.